About Us – Clean Bites Cuisine
Delicious Food Cooked with Love
Getting clean, healthy and good-tasting food every day is not an easy task in today's fast-paced lifestyle routines. Catering to this very niche, we are here to serve you the most delicious and extraordinarily healthy food in the convenience of your comfort zone. 
Established in 2022, Clean Bites Cuisine is on a mission to provide a wide range of premium quality vegetarian, vegan and pescatarian dishes to clients all over the U.S region. You can also opt to get your favorite food customized or altered to your specific requirements. 
We cook with a passion and love to see you enjoy every bite of it.
Healthy Food Cooked with Care
Prepared under strict hygienic conditions, we ensure to keep your health and safety on top of our priority list. 
Every ingredient used in our food production process is carefully selected based on international food safety standards. We source our components from the best suppliers in the market, ensuring the usage of the freshest ingredients in every dish. 
You can get healthy food catered at your doorstep whenever and wherever you want. We also provide seasoning products that you can buy directly from our website. 
Your health is paramount, and we promise nutritious food every time you order.
About the Founder
Clean Bites Cuisine was conceived and created by Shaunice Cush. A zealous cancer research scientist and entrepreneur passionate about cooking and delivering tasty food. Preparing a wide variety of pescatarian and vegan food for more than 14 years, she has mastered the art of culinary creativity while bridging science and food together. She wants to share her creations with her clients in a personalized manner. 
With Clean Bites Cuisine, the team aims to provide people with the choice of buying clean, wholesome and nutritious food that they and their families can relish without fearing jeopardizing their health. 
Shaunice services the New York, Miami and Orlando area.
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